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Cancellations and refunds

  • Cancellations can be made online (using the link on your original booking email confirmation) or by contacting our office on 0800 938 299

  • Online booking cancellations advised prior to 4.00pm the day before delivery will be refunded less a $15.00 administration fee*

  • Late online booking cancellations that are advised on the day of delivery will be refunded less a $30.00 administration fee**

  • Should you prefer to reschedule or transfer your payment to a credit on your account, no administration fee will be deducted

  • If our truck arrives at the address and is unable to deliver due to the fault of the customer, an $85.00 Callout Fee may apply



Customers can reschedule their bookings online up to 24 hrs prior to delivery date (subject to availability).  Rescheduling within 24 hrs of delivery date can be done through the office by calling 0800 938 299.

*    this fee includes additional merchant fees charged to Wet Azz for your original electronic transaction

**  a same day online booking cancellation that occurs as a result of overnight rainfall will only incur the $15 administration fee

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