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Our top tips for
saving water

  • Turn off the shower while soaping and shampooing up and also when shaving your legs

  • Set a timer for five minutes when showering

  • Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth

  • With young children, put post-it notes around the bathroom with little reminders on water conservation (this can be done with visitors too)

  • Place a bag of marbles in toilet cistern to reduce refilling capacity

  • Consider the old adage, “if it’s yellow let it mellow, if it's brown, let it down”

  • Wait until there is a full load of laundry to wash or use the local laundromat (top loaders average 200 ltrs per wash)

  • When purchasing a new washing machine, consider a front loader - they are more water efficient than top loaders

  • Dishwashers are more economical than sink washing

  • If you hear the water pump keep kicking in, check for any leaks or dripping taps

  • Don’t leave the garden hose switched on at the house tap – a common cause of water runouts is the garden sprayer unit malfunctioning

  • When going away on holiday, turn your water pump off

  • A useful link is Watercare's top tips:

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