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Easy Azz Water Monitoring Service

Tired of wondering when you

need to top up?


Wet Azz has partnered with Sentilert to provide our customers with a cost-effective option that will change the way you manage your water – Easy Azz!

This device allows us to manage your water needs - for free!

You can have ALL YEAR ROUND confidence that your tank is never going to run dry… and you wont even have to check it!

Never run out of water

Never have to climb onto your tank to check the water level 

Never have the hassle of arranging a water delivery

With the Easy Azz Monitoring Service, your tank's water level will be monitored (circa every four hours) and the system will automatically alert Wet Azz when your water level is low and needs to be topped up.

When we receive this alert, a delivery will be scheduled for you, and all you have to do is confirm that delivery.


It couldn't be more Easy Azz!

EasyAzz Logo-03.png

Just $295!


Includes Sentilert monitoring device and a 3 year subscription to their nationwide monitoring network

(the Easy Azz water management service is FREE)

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